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2011 - In need of contacts to develop further infrastructures


First of all thank ou for taking some time to visit this site. It's a pleasure for us to know that you've been interested in our story.

We are looking to find ways to develop the village further provinding it with better infrastructures.
In 2009 we were only able to complete the construction of the houses, but since then we haven't found the resources to improve the life of the beneficiaries further.

Private charity is a tough job, because it is hard to get in contact with the right companies, organizations and authorities. It gets even tougher when you cannot be physically present on site ( I live in Europe).

I'm going to be in Thirukkovil once again by the end of July 2011. My main goal is to find a bigger NGO/organization to partner with  for the further development of the village. We would provide funds, they should take care of all construction/development works on site.

If you happen to have any contact or know anyone that works in NGO's interested in similar enterprises, please send me an email at:


or use the form in the contact section of this site.

Grazie di cuore!