The Start - Stella Homes

A false hope: from nothing to the construction of 30 brand new houses

All pictures related to the period 2005 -2006 can be found here

In April 2005 the original team of workers – led by Prasudi Rajendram and Dayapathy Balasundram – started working on the site after receiving the first donation of more than 18 million rupees (110,000 Euro) from Federico Stella.

Before the construction began, the plot of land had nothing to offer, it was just a deserted and bare territory previously owned by a minister.

Construction materials were transported from Colombo to the site while the team worked on building the first necessity – a well.

As the nearest water source is a long way from the site, workers had to dig deep to find a usable water spring that was needed to make bricks.

After creating the well and other infrastructures, the team started to make sun dried bricks of concrete which they then used to lay the foundations.



It just took a few months for all foundations to be laid.

The houses, built while taking the local architectural styles into consideration, have 4 rooms and a small external veranda where the locals love to hang out when they’re not too busy with other activities.

In August 2005 the Stella Family visited the site for the first time to check in on the construction.

The construction of all 30 houses was almost finished, and the workers were able to move on fluidly to the next stage.

All buildings had sound foundations, solid brick walls and red tiled roofs supported by wooden frames. Elegant handcrafts were applied to windows and doors.

Everything appeared to have proceeded smoothly, and a possible visit to the site by Federico Stella was discussed.