The Outcome - Stella Homes

23 Houses for 23 Families

I sorrisi, finalmente

I sorrisi, finalmente

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After 5 years of illusions, disillusions, waiting and delays, the houses were completed and ready to be assigned in June 2009.

During the last year other small donations were necessary (5,000 Euro) in order to sustain extra expenses that needed to be paid.

Continued delays further increased costs, particularly the costs needed to pay workers when they had to stay at the site for several consecutive weeks.


23 houses for 23 families: this is the final outcome.


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It’s sure that if Federico Stella had given his money to NGO’s or other charitable organizations everything would have been easier and faster.

In the same time there wouldn’t have been any way to influence the construction of this new village, nor influence how the money donated would have been invested.