The Inauguration - Stella Homes

August 12th, 2009

Celebration Day

Celebration Day
All pictures related to the Inaugration day can be found here (Copyright Marco Moretti)


On 12th August 2009, a small ceremony finally took place on site to celebrate the end of the construction and the completion of houses.

After a 3 day long trip, a team formed by Renata and Giovanni Stella, Jimmy Marathy, Vinoth Dharme, Alessandro Giberti, Carlotta Riva, Marco Moretti and other friends reached Thirukkovil at 11.30 am.

All families and beneficiaries were present waiting for them, and on their arrival they welcomed them with small fireworks and drinks.




At the entrance of the village a commemorative plaque for Federico Stella was positioned.

A minister of Sri Lanka took part in the ceremony and he gave a small speech in which he promised to provide a water and electricity supply to the village.

The possibility of constructing several different houses around the Stella houses, which will be sponsored by the Government of Sri Lanka, is currently being considered.

These have been moments of great emotion, joy and intensity for everybody and after 5 long years the loop has been closed.



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