The Abandoning of the houses - Stella Homes

War, Sacks and Ruins


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April 2006:

Unfortunately unlike the summer of 2005, the situation completely changed. Given the new wave of battles and the riots as a result of the civil war, the area where the houses were being built was no longer safe and construction gradually ceased.

July 2006: Federico Stella died in Milan, without having had the chance to see his dream come true.

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September 2006: workers cannot access the site anymore.

To access the site, they needed to cross a Tamil controlled area but the crossing of non cingalese population is not allowed.

Site is finally abandoned.

From this moment on it is not clear what happened next.

Houses were certainly occupied by soldiers who used them as a shelter and as a temporary billet when required.

Meanwhile without anyone to look after the houses, these were ransacked and all valuable components such as tiles, doors, windows and frames were stolen.

Federico Stella’s dream was now far from becoming a reality.

Work started again on recovering 23 houses.