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Jimmy Marathy



The person to whom, more than anybody else, we need to say thank you.

Jimmy (real name Marathy Pradeep Kumar Sathidananda) has been involved in the project since it began.

With his stories about the situation in Sri Lanka in the days after the Tsunami, he made a big contribution in the development of the idea of building a new village.

Dad got to know him in 2005 and he was immediately touched by his sensitivity and kind manners. Together they presented at meetings and conferences that were organised to raise more funds and make the Milanese more aware about the aftermath of the tsunami disaster.

Jimmy made the locating of the right site possible along with finding the team that started to build the houses at the start. He maintained relationships with the workers and he sent the money to Sri Lanka.

When Dad passed away he swore me that we would finish this project. He promised this to my dad, and you cannot break a promise.

It was through Jimmy that we learned that the site had been abandoned as a result of the war.  Again, it was through him that we were able to find another team to restart the construction and find a notary in  Colombo to sign our agreement. Together we maintained contact with Surendra during the delicate moments of the construction in 2008.

It is because of him that we were able to put a plaque on site in Dad’s memory. As such, we were able to organize the trip in the summer of 2009 and bring Mum  - and Dad with her – to Thirukkovil.

He has done an amazing job in keeping all the pieces together while facing heavy responsibilities. A true Brother and a person with a giant heart.



Thank you Jimbo!