Federico Stella - Stella Homes


For more than 30 years, Federico Stella, a famous lawyer in Italy, was a Professor in Criminal Law at Università Cattolica di Milano.

Amongst those who knew him through his work and teachings, he was renowned for his studies (“Leggi scientifiche e spiegazione causale nel diritto penale”, “Giustizia e modernità”,“La giustizia e le ingiustizie”) and for the trials in which he had been involved as an attorney (i.e. Stava, Petrolchimico di Porto Marghera, Tangentopoli).

The Stella Homes for Tsunami however, has shown another side of the Professor that was unknown to the majority of people.  Through this project, we see his generosity and kindness – his willingness to donate everything without asking for anything in return is evident. This project has afforded us the opportunity to show you the qualities that he had which brought him to donate more than 200,000 Euro to the Tsunami affected population in the Maldives and in Sri Lanka.

Here is a short memoire in the words of his wife, Renata Stella:

“He was a master in criminal law and a great lawyer. The high regard, esteem and admiration which judges and colleagues held for him was something that amused Federico, even in his final days.

He use to begin the first lesson of the academic year asking his beloved students “ what is the sense of you being here today?”. He was always pushing and encouraging his students to think with their own minds and to look for deep sense and meaning in their lives.

More than anything, he always loved to make fun of everything. He was a good man (“Federico, you have a good heart and a mean mind”, a friend of his once told him) capable of becoming very angry, but he had incredible generosity.

He always gave everything he had without waiting to be asked, because he knew poverty well. He grew up a poor man and reached professional success through his hard work and dedication.

He had the gift of being able to immediately touch everybody’s heart, from that of a top manager to a wanderer. One of the last memories we have of him took place after a devastating surgery, when he was brought outside of the hospital in his wheelchair to have a much loved cigarette. He started talking with some admiring ladies telling them about his 7 Polynesian wives. He told them light and funny jokes about the happy days that we spent travelling together.

“You have to arrive alive to death” he use to say, meaning that you should never give up, never quit and fight every disease or problem you might face in your life.

“People like you never die”, wrote a friend that he loved and kept in the highest consideration.



Federico Stella - Sernaglia della Battaglia, 30/3/1935 - Milano, 8/7/2006