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For Those Who Helped Us

23 Times Thank You!

23 Times Thank You!


Through this website we hope that we have been able to tell you about what the journalist Alessandro Giberti once defined as an obstinate history of Italian reconstruction.

We hope we have shown you how we’ve managed to complete this small yet visionary project after facing many difficulties and problems. More then anything, this website is intended to be a tribute to the memory of Federico Stella, the man who made this dream possible.

Now we want to say a big thank you to all our friends and acquaintances who helped us finish this project.

A single website will never be enough to express all of our gratitude, but it can be a good start. Here on the left you’ll find a dedication page for each of the friends that we want to say thank you to.

We have to give them the right credit as 23 families now have a new home and Federico Stella’s dream is now reality.

Please join us in saying a big Thank You!


Renata, Maria Luisa, Paolo, Luigi e Giovanni