Alessandro Giberti - Stella Homes

Alessandro Giberti


Journalist, who writes for Il Sole 24 ore.

After coming with us to Thirukkovil in 2008, and having witnessed my agreement with Sure, the following September, Alessandro wrote an  article  for the newspaper giving a lot of attention to our history, and that of my father.

He came to Sri Lanka for a better understanding of the reasons behind the conflict between the Tamil and Cingalese population and to document it in an article. He left feeling involved in our project and he wanted to tell our story.

It was his article that revamped the interest in Stella Homes. He has enlightened a side of my father unknown to the majority of people who knew him as a man of law, and his article provided motivation for Jimmy and I to complete our task.

The article was written by Alessandro as a personal initiative, and it was an unexpected yet pleasant gift to us all.

He has taken interest all year long in the progress of the project, reading my email exchanges with Sure and giving me valuable advice on various matters. His observations were a big incentive for us, along with his constant help in dealing with the difficulties that we were having with Sure.

In August 2009 he came back with us to Thirukkovil and participated in the small ceremony that took place on site.

A Friend who has given us an unforgettable present.


Thank you Ale!