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A New Village to Put A Smile Back On The Faces Of Those Who Lost It

A New Village to Put A Smile Back On The Faces Of ...


30 houses for 30 families who survived the Tsunami in Sri Lanka.


This was the dream of Federico Stella who started to work on this project in January 2005.

5 years later his dream has been realised.

In these pages we will guide you through the story of this small, yet incredible private charitable action.

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April 2005: construction begins for 30 new houses


April 2006: houses are almost finished and ready to be assigned


Summer 2006: civil war breaks out again. Houses are occupied by soldiers and ransacked


August 2008: work resumes with a new donation

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July 2009: construction of the houses is complete. Houses are assigned to and occupied by the beneficiaries

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12 August 2009: houses are officially inaugurated